Supporting access to individualised treatment for B12 deficiency

  • Providing information and support to those who are suffering needlessly, because knowledge from Addison's time appears to have been forgotten.


  • In the UK many symptoms are routinely ignored. Patients often find themselves bounced around from one consultant to another, with lots of drugs prescribed that only mask symptoms long-term, few ever discover the cause for the B12 deficiency.


  • It is costing the NHS thousands of pounds annually, in misdiagnosis and unnecessary medication. The one who suffers - is the patient, who is losing quality of life to overwhelming symptoms (often irreversible).


  • The lack of knowledge in provision of individualised health care plans and access to B12 injections is staggering.


  • Something does need to change - and that is not only the type of B12 offered to patients (as the one presently used by the NHS does not suit all), but also access to injections as frequently as they are needed, as well as understanding the fine balance between B12 deficiency and its link to other nutritional disorders that interfere with absorbption through diet.


  • Long term misdiagnosis and lack of access to treatment is causing serious complications and potentially irreversible neurological symptoms, impairing quality of life.


  • We have raised a petition to address these issues (see link below). The Health Department is aware, due to work undertaken by PAS (The Pernicious Anaemia Society) - but still many years later, nothing has changed.

People are suffering needlessly here in the UK and around the world. Many people think B12 - just eat properly - but it is more complicated than that (unfortunately), and the sad thing is that B12 has been linked to many debiliatating conditions from Alzheimer's and dementia, to depression, to MS, ME, CFS...even cancer

We hope that you will support us by signing and sharing our petition and also visiting 'The B12 charity' to donate - raising funds to help all who desperately need access to medication that is presently routinely denied to them.

Thank you


Please help us spread the message - sign and share to support our cause.

Click Here for : B12 Petitition to address diagnosis and treatment.

Welcome to the B12 deficiency Support group webpage.


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BBC Inside Out

Year of production: 2006

Running Time: 9:47 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

The original B12 video from 2006

and we are still fighting for diagnosis and individualised treatment for B12 deficiency

B12 Documentary 2012

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 51:46 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

A must see documentary about the epidemic of misdiagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency

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